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I PLAY ONE ON TV PRODUCTIONS - The part of Delise is never re-casted.

I Play One On TV Productions - - The Part of Delise has Not Been Re-cast

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Livejournal is literally my home away from home. A journal, a pop cultural hot spot, where opinions fly, fandoms thrive and lives are tracked.

I'm a fun-loving woman who is ultimately restricted by her lack of need to talk. I write often and talk based on necessity. But more importantly I love and love hard. Whether it's friends, family or fandoms I'm always involved and caring.

Outside of my faith, marriage, family and friends, my passions include watching, studying and writing about television, going to concerts, digital design and pagination, poetry and more.

I'm always happy to make new friends and would love to hear from you or chat on a variety of topics.
Journal Knowledge
It's straight forward. This is a personal entry journal, a graphic journal and a whatever journal. Around 95% of my posts are public, including graphics.

I love having new friends. But please friend me only if you actually read or view my journal for whatever reason.

---> Complete information on current layout and design.
Outside Knowledge
In addition to my journal, I design for and maintain three Web sites.
  • "Brighter Day", A fan site and TLF.org approved fanlisting for The O.C.'s Seth Cohen and Marissa Cooper. Includes a unique episode guide, gallery and more!

  • "DC EP01 SE1", TLF.org approved fanlisting for Dawson's Creek episode 101, "Dance".

  • "DC EP07 SE3", TLF.org approved fanlisting for Dawson's Creek episode 307, "Escape from Witch Island".

I have additional profiles on on the net.
  • Myspace, which is public and I more freely except friend requests.

  • Facebook, which is public only to friends and those in the Boston network. Friend requests excepted only from family and those I am personally close with.

I currently volunteer for two local-chaptered organizations.
Graphic Knowledge| Rules
Straight forward rules. Comment. Credit when possible. Never hot-link. Never pass off my work as something you created.

Additionally I ask that graphics be used only for personal use on your home computer or the internet. Please do not repost graphics (sans for use in profile, user pics or signatures) on message boards, Web sites, ect. with out my permission. It's a simple courtesy to ask before posting. And usually all I ask in return is that you you give me full, linked, credit.

To further explain hot-linking, I ask that no graphic be direct linked from any account or server I host graphics on. This includes my photobucket account! If you need a free, unrestricted, personally created account to host graphics you need to link to I recommend Photobucket or TinyPic.
Graphic Knowledge| Archives
All graphic posts are searched and accessible by their entry tags. Example, "graphics: grey's anatomy" or "graphics: john mayer". Additionally you can use common tags like "icons" or "wallpapers".

Icons, and limited other graphics, are archived in my photobucket account according to their respective categories. Please note that files in other folders and, or, the root directory are not to be taken without permission.
7th Heaven, Boy Meets World, Dawson's Creek, Days of our Lives, Degrassi TNG, Everwood, General Hospital, Grey's Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, Joan of Arcadia, John Mayer, Men in Trees, Movies, Music, The O.C., Ugly Betty, Veronica Mars,

A comprehensive archive of all graphics in relation to The O.C.'s Seth&Marrisa can be found at "Brighter Day's" gallery.

Looking to go back to the dusty vault? For those remembering my oldest creations submit a request and I'll upload on a need be basis.
Graphic Knowledge| Resources
Each has added that something extra to complete the project.

Photoshop; Paint Shop Pro/Animation Shop; Dreamweaver; Photobucket ; Off the Sky; Spark in Me; Daydreaming; Soar Above the Sky; Hybrid-Genesis; Stock.exhang; Immortal Memories; Brush Fantastic; in obscuro; faded_icons; unmasked_icons; dj_capslock; 100x100_brushes; texturize; hires_tvmovie; dekolette; seceretly_dying; zinzibar; arisubox; asya_17; mascarajunkie83; weapon_icons; rough_draft___; organicdesigns; trash_graphics; starlit_designs; ianthinus; colorfilter; throw_elijah; gegenschein; ewanism; september_icons; reversescollide; missymw88icons; hexicons; _excentric_; dying_in_style; celestalgraphic; implication; the_left_drawer; resunik; mutsie_brushes; starlit_designs; Photobucket or TinyPic.
Graphic Knowledge| Other Fan Art Sites
Visiting these sites and you'll likely find something that has been proudly displayed on my desktop.

Daydreaming; Something-Happens; Bend to Squares
Graphic Knowledge| Challenges and Contests
Get in on the creativity and have some fun.